The Experience of a Chuck Gallery First-Time Art Buyer

First-time art buyers usually go through interesting thoughts especially about what to purchase.

Investing in a piece of contemporary African art from Chuck Gallery can be an exciting, heady experience, so the team and I were really pleased when an email came through from one of the gallery’s first-time buyers capturing her experience.

Ovie 1st Kings Iruru has set the first Iyoba (Queen Idia) free with far more potency. For the Salford University trained artist, the Queen mother painting is reimagined to commemorate the strength of modern women. His technique and embellishing help to set the mask free by instead situating it in a wider metropolis. The painting, Iyoba, has found a home (not locked up) where she will be admired and enjoyed for years to come. Please read the brilliant piece below from our first-time art buyer.

Tosin Idowu’s account as a first-time art buyer

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