Seye Morakinyo (Nigerian, born 1979)

Seye Morakinyo

The works of Nigerian artist Seye Morakinyo, have continued to provide an interesting perspective on a range of topical issues. Particularly, they focus on the varied and complex expressions of the human face. The artist’s declaration of his appreciation for facial expressions has resulted in the subject matter forming a central aspect in his work. As facial gestures are a tool for conveying inner emotion, he emphasizes that his paintings, “best depict issues about life”.

Morakinyo, like many of his Nigerian counterparts, also occasionally depicts the fascinating urbanization of South-Western regions of Lagos and Ibadan.

Morakinyo had his art training at the Auchi Polytechnic, from 2003 to 2005, winning the Rector’s award for the Best Painting Student for the year. He gained a reputation as a promising young artist after some of his works were featured alongside other Nigerian artists, at the Kabani Shows and Art Zero in 2007. His stylistic transitions, which span an interval of two to three years each, are an indication of a burning curiosity - embodying the phrase: work in progress.


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