Josephe’s discovery of art began with a curious investigation into her identity after she discovered Senegalese masks that her mother had acquired on a trip across Africa. With most of her immediate family having keen interests in various artistic mediums from visual arts to pre-Columbian archaeology to storytelling of myths and legends, her curiosity for the arts was piqued from a young age.

Selected to study at the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris at the age of 19, she began an exploration into the themes of history, archaeology and pre-Columbian influences that now reflect in her dynamic and mystic approach to artistic expression. Paradoxically describing invisible visual art as her philosophy, Josephe is passionate about making visible the internal explorations of the human mind leaving her predominantly abstract work created with acrylic, oil and pottery open to a motley of interpretations.

With pieces that draw from the hieroglyphs found in ancient Egyptian tombs and prehistoric cave markings, Josephe has continuously used symbolism and the African legacy to elevate herself and her viewers in over 20 national and international exhibitions. She is married to a Nigerian with three children.

Artist's Statement

I am fascinated by the power of music, sounds, mantras, colours that can literally change our DNA. media that can be used to evolve spiritually or for healing. What I would like to achieve is creating art which can have a high degree of aesthetics but most of all art that has meaning.

Art is sacred and so I would like to have a work environment where I am able to explore 'sacred geometry' i.e. find a symbolic pictorial language which is resonant with sacred music and alchemy of colours. This is particularly why I like to work on medium and large canvases to express myself.


2013 Open studio AWOL, Hope Mill French, Greater Manchester

2012 Open studio AWOL, Hope Mill French, Greater Manchester.

2011 Art show, studios AWOL, Hope Mill FRENCH, Great Manchester

2009 African Business Conference and Exhibition, Manchester City Stadium, Great Manchester.

2008  African Business Conference and Exhibition, Easter Pearl Banquet Hall, Great Manchester.

2005  Exhibition to 16 Art show, in Sidney Bechet Centre, Grigny.

2004  Group exhibition, ECCOA Association, Pajol, Paris 18.

2004 Group exhibition, Festac Trade Fear, Badagri - Lagos, Nigeria.

2003  Group exhibition: Cultural Centre Christiane Peugeot, Paris 18.

2002 Pablo  Picasso's Cultural Centre, group exhibition, Montreuil.

- Theatre " Air Nouveau" group exhibition, Aubervilliers.

- Marcom Society, crafts compositions, Paris 12eme.

- Katanga, "Baifall Dream ", group exhibition, Paris 17.

1999  "Moulin Neuf" crafts compositions, Stains, France.

1998 Group exhibition, Gallery 198, London, Great Britain.

1997 Individual exhibition, Gallery ARCIMA, Paris 5.

1995 Exhibition to the Ethnology Museum Nimegue, Netherlands.

Exhibition to the Gerardus V.D. Groningen, Netherlands.

1994 Dance Theatre, Epinay-Sur- Seine, group exhibition.

1993 International Campus University, Paris 13.

1992 Culture’s house Paris 18.

1990 Fresco’s group for Bouadoubout's school, Guadeloupe.

1989 Group exhibition at the National Workers' Association, Paris 11.

1988 African Caribbean's Festival, Epinay, Cultural Center.

1985 Exhibition of the first Show of Young Painters in Guadeloupe.


African Studies

  • Certification in Religion: Afro- Brazilian
  • Certification in History: Africa Sub – Saharan
  • Certification in Geography: Tropical Africa
  • Certification in Anthropology: African movie

1983-1986 Art Centre, Art Design Certificate, Guadeloupe.

1987-1991 " Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts of Paris ".

1988 University Paris VIII, Bachelor equivalence in Arts.

1989-1992 University Paris VIII, Graduate in Art Graphic. `

- Certificates in African Studies.

1996 Skills in P.A.O. Quark Express, Photoshop and Illustrator, CNA- CEFAG.


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