Damola Adepoju (Nigerian, born 1975)

Damola Adepoju

As Damola Adepoju gradually draws to a close his tonal-gold era, a period likely beginning around 2006 or 2007, we may have witnessed a collection of intriguing works of art bordering on feminist themes, archived in contemporary Lagos art history forever. After the group exhibition at Pendulum Centre for Culture & Development, Lagos, Adepoju became even more vocal with his tonal representation. Works of this period were largely produced with an emphasis on the direct contrast between soft gold brushworks and newspaper collages on canvas. The effect was always one of photographic tincture.

From early 2010, Adepoju showed more innovation with his painting, alluding to Dadaism and Pop Art. Here, he primarily deploys written words to define the form of his subjects. His painting, Topographical Portrait (2010), is an example of this painting style. It recalls the semiotic medium of the constructed text to convey themes ranging from witty and poetic homosocial feminine phraseologies, to protest language and thematic captions on philosophical meditation. His incorporation of the motif of text in his works in various graphical fonts also resemble calligraphy.

Damola Adepoju has an Ordinary National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in Fine Art, from the Institute of Textile Technology, Art & Design Polytechnic in Lagos. He is a member of De Factori Studio. He lives and works in Lagos.


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