Akintoye Segun-Shiigo (Nigerian, born 1982)

Akintayo Segun-Shiigo

Painter and photographer, Segun-Shiigo, explores the cartographical possibilities of landscape painting by adopting a representational approach that sometimes deliberately ignores the basic principles of perspective in art. These related series of works are a comparable narrative, cataloguing the artist’s study of the urban housing system in South-Western Nigeria. Segun-Shiigo’s depiction of roofs in these landscapes are typically interspersed with bright contrasting colours and with animated forms of houses stylized in linear motifs—pointing to the artist’s earlier career as an illustrator before going into full time studio practice.

Recently, abstraction found way into his oeuvre, suggesting the beginning of a thematic epoch in his professional career. For example, in Blue Friday (2014), Segun-Shiigo dabs the upper half of the canvas with visible spontaneous blue strokes; and beneath it, rapidly builds a web of interrelated pigments of yellow ochre, deep red and blue onto a dripping white background, textured with heavy brush strokes.

He studied Fine and Applied at Auchi Polytechnic and currently lives and works in Lagos.


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