Aina Felix became widely known for his paintings depicting rural life in neighbourhoods in Lagos focusing on the squalor, congestion and dramatic intrigues of these areas. A classic example is the 2008 oil on canvas piece: A Street inside Mushin. Noticeable in this composition are the sprawling, congested, and dilapidated buildings, awkwardly placed on either side of a narrow street, accentuated by two parked vehicles along the road, as well as parasols of petty traders trading their foodstuff. Wires from electric poles - made with the pointed end of Aina’s palette knife crisscross each other in a complex diagonal manner into weak, fading and pale coloured houses in hues of red, blue and crimson on either side, standing out from the rest. This strong visual detail alludes to the pervading squalor, improper planning, and aura of this part of Lagos. His works generally offer an interesting narrative about Lagos and they remain an important contemporary visual reference, contrasting the suburbs with highly industrialized areas.

He studied at Federal Polytechnic Auchi from 2000 – 2004 and has participated in several group exhibitions in Lagos, Abuja and a number of cities across Africa and Europe. He currently lives and work from his studio in Lagos.


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