• Aina Felix

    Aina Felix

    Aina Felix became widely known for his paintings–depicting familiar scatological scenes that focuses on rural neighbourhoods in Lagos…
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  • Akhile Ehiforia

    Akhile Ehiforia

    Akhile Ehiforia is among the new generation of Nigerian artist whose works have continued to divert attention away from mainstream…
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  • Damola Adepoju

    Damola Adepoju

    As Damola Adepoju gradually draws to a close his tonal-gold era, a period likely started around 2006 or 2007, we may have witnessed…
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  • Fidel Oyiogu

    Fidel Nnamdi Oyiogu

    The works of Fidel Oyiogu are characterized by a design quality that reemphasizes the claim to the aesthetic function of art...
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  • Godwin Adesoye

    Godwin Adesoye

    The past seven years within the last decade have had no other Nigerian artist widely rejected than Bob-nosa Uwagboe and Godwin Adesoye…
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  • Joel Otuedor - Untitled (2008) - Oil on canvas - 29 x 35.jpg

    Joel Otuedor

    Joel Otuedor generated controversy among a group of private collectors in Nigeria with a number of interesting curvaceous nude paintings…
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  • Lucky Isiah

    Lucky Okon Isaiah

    Lucky Isaiah’s works explore the everyday scene encountered in local commercial districts within major communities in both south western…
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  • Nelson Okoh

    Nelson Okoh

    Understanding the half-abstract forms in Nelson Okoh’s works requires more than a casual observation from a viewer…
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  • Norbert Okpu

    Norbert Okpu

    Norbert Okpu’s respective participation in: ‘’Changing Life,’’ a 2006 group exhibition at Didi Museum, Lagos…
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  • Okey Ibeabuchi

    Okey Ibeabuchi

    The 2008 group exhibition: ‘’Arts & Objects’’ at the Henri Moweta Gallery, Lagos, displayed works by Okey Ibeabuchi noted for their massive…
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  • Morakinyo Seye

    Seye Morakinyo

    The works of Nigerian artist Seye Morakinyo, has continue to provide an interesting perspective to a range of topical issues…
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  • Tyna Adebowale

    Tyna Adebowale

    The conglomeration of coloured squares, tiny, flat, and rough shapes carefully inlaid on Tyna Adebowale’s canvas are masterly…
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  • Ogunwo Bolaji

    Bolaji Ogunwo

    There is a certain luminosity that emanates from Bolaji Ogunwos works as they reveal a delicately rich application of heavy palette…
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