Spillage 29th April – 28th May 2017

Showcasing brand new work from one of the Gallery’s most established artists, Bolaji Ogunwo.

29th April  – 28th May 2017

We are pleased to be able to premiere a brand new collection of Acrylic and Oil on Canvas Paintings from an artist whose works really excites us. Spillage follows on from Jessica Omitola’s smooth serenity with a confident leap, gallop almost, into the vibrant style of this month’s featured artist.

With a BA hons in Fine Art from the University of Benin (2000) and an MA Fine Art from the University of Lagos (2006) Mr Ogunwo  is currently a Ph.D. research student, as well undertaking a lecturing position, in the Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos. Bolaji Ogunwo has developed his own unique and highly popular style of oil painting. Using the Impasto style, where paint is laid on an area of the surface very thickly, thick enough that the brush or painting-knife strokes are visible, Bolaji creates these images of Nigerian cultural life, mixing his colours right there on the canvas.


He takes control over the play of light on the painting adding such elements of expressiveness, that the viewer is able to percieve the strength and speed of the artist’s hand in creating the work.

This technique provides a deep texture, with painted figures appearing to almost  be coming out of the canvas, pushing the painting into an almost three-dimensional sculptural rendering. We will be offering a range of medium to large stretched canvases, each full of colour and vigiour, each one honouring in subject matter a particular aspect of Nigeria’s highly diverse cultural communities, a celebration of her festivals, her men and women, her passion and her positivity, all that is fabulous about the country.

We are looking forward to an exciting programme of events throughout the Exhibition, please contact us for more information.



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