MELODIES OF LIFE- 9th of May to 19th of May 2019

The Gallery’s upcoming exhibition; Melodies of Life by Ovie Kings Iruru is an artistic expression of the Yoruba proverb “Igba okin lo bi orere” which roughly translates into “The journey of life is not always smooth”.

Using Femininity and the experience of womanhood as a representation of the fullness of life, Ovie carries us on a thorough exposition into the ups and downs of life- telling us the multifaceted story of womanhood whilst also unravelling the ambiguity of our shared experience of life through his work.

In his own words: ‘Suffering and smiling’ is an  African phenomenon, but that is the secret to our own brand of resilience. My goal with this exhibition is to show the world the many facets of that resilence.’   

Melodies of Life is open for exhibition at Chuck gallery on Thursday, 9th May 2019 at 6:00 pm with the exhibition continuing every day until the 19th of May.

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You can read more about Ovie HERE