Exuberance, Forms and the Notion of Self


In this, our inaugral exhibtion, the gallery has put together a selection of Fidel Oyiogu’s paintings, as a visual representation of his artistic competence and character. Although requirements for being regarded as a master painter are subjective, Fidel, in our opinion, is in company with respectable Nigerian painters such as: Kola Oshinowo, Tola Wewe, Duke Asidere, Mavua Lessor, Rom Isichei, Nike Davies (Okundaye), Ben Osaghae, Muraina Oyelami, Emeka Udemba, et al.
By presenting Fidel’s works, the intention is to construct a pathway to cultural consciousnesses and illumination. It is also to allow images and symbols from his collection evoke nostalgic associations, rekindling reminiscences of long gone events and happenings.
In the exhibition collection aptly titled, “Exuberance, Forms and the Notion of Self: Selected Works from 2009-2015”, a pertinent theme, subtly explored is the question of ‘the female sense of self’.

Exhibition Catalogue

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