Evocative Colour | Away from the Abstract

Celebrating the unique and distinctive style of Nelson Okoh.

Saturday December 10th   to  Saturday 28th January.

Nelson Okoh is the virtuoso of the palette knife. From Abstract Impressionist in the close up, as liquid explodes across the surface of his subject matter, to Realist, as distance evokes and illuminates a cohesive image from the subtle abstract.

Preview Saturday December 10th 5 – 9pm.

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Exhibitions runs from Sunday 11th December  to  Saturday 28th January.

About the Artist  – A self trained artist, Nelson Okoh hails from Delta State, but was brought up in Lagos. Professionally, he has been painting and sculpting for over 15 years.

Through his work , he shows the world that art is life, that if we look with honesty and an open mind at artworks, we find out that there is more to life than people think.

Much of his work celebrates the female figure as beautiful and well created by God in terms of stature and emotion.

“When you look at women, you will see the most emotional people on earth, that is, women…..Since variety is the spice of life and God is the artist of the universe, I derive a lot of inspiration from God. I also get my inspiration from things around me including the waves of sea, dripping on a surface and other scenes. I look around me and come up with an idea which people always appreciate when they see it. There are so many inspirations one can derive from; it could be fire, raindrops, mountain, and trees, among others”

He would like his work to transform lives positively and appeal to all humanity, to remind us that we should be optimistic.

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