Call for Peace – 4pm to 10pm (2nd – 30th June 2024)

As the world contends with deep divisions and rising unrest, Chuck Gallery is excited to exhibit a collection of works by Nelson Okoh. This powerful showcase serves as a potent call for peace, urging audiences to contemplate the importance of healing and reconciliation.

Burdened by the global turmoil that surrounds us, Nelson Okoh, a seasoned artist, utilizes his creativity as a tool for change. His body of work reveals a profound understanding of the power of art to bridge divides and pave the way for understanding.

Through his pieces, Nelson delves into the foundational elements of peacemaking: gratitude, empathy, and tolerance. This exploration invites viewers to examine their own roles in fostering a more peaceful world.

Nelson Okoh Don’t miss this timely and powerful exhibition. Nelson Okoh’s Call For Peace is a message that resonates deeply, offering a ray of hope in a troubled world.

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