Beyond Man on the Moon: Afrofuturism and Poetry

22ND OCTOBER, 2018. 1:00 – 3:30 PM

In collaboration with the Manchester Science Festival and Contact Manchester, Chuck Gallery is delighted to host poet and performer, Keisha Thompson, for an Afrofuturism and Poetry workshop.

In a special addition to her solo show, Man on the Moon, Keisha Thompson is going under the skin of her performance to illustrate what really goes into creating such a compelling artistic vision. Here she explores the way Afrofuturism takes the experience of being “othered” and turns it into something that is otherworldly.

Set against the backdrop of the gallery, which explores contemporary African art, in the workshop participants will dissect and discuss Afrofuturistic poems/songs/prose. Participants will be guided to write their own pieces using similar devices and references. The workshop will explore how alchemy, Enneagram, numerology, Kemetic philosophy has informed Keisha’s writing and will make reference to the psychology texts that make connections between the moon and mental health (lunar, lunacy) as well as how that provided the semantic field for the story, Man on the Moon.

The workshop will also include a tour of the gallery.

You can find out more information and book your tickets HERE