Artist in Conversation with Samir Salim

The Death of Modernity  SATURDAY, 21ST MARCH, 2020. 6:00 PM

Chuck Gallery invites you to the launch of Samir Salim’s first collection; a delightful tapestry, each piece a story and together with a strong body of work.

“I aim to redefine modernism within a contemporary setting.  The disparity in definition of the words modernity and contemporary is something, which, in my eyes, should be the fulcrum of all artistic endeavours to substantially narrow” Samir Salim

A self-taught artist, Samir Salim is an exemplar of diasporan art. Rooted in the great modern art movements in Europe, his work pulls in references of a well-travelled, old soul to bring us with a flourish, into the globalized and multicultural present.

Artist in Conversation explores the prevalent themes and artistic influences within contemporary African art through candid in-depth discussions with leading artists, thinkers and curators. We are now expanding these conversations with artists from other ethnic backgrounds, programmed by Chukwudi Onwudiwe serve as an exposition into the emergence of African & Ethnic Art in the contemporary art scene.


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